Why enter the master password so often?

By default, PfP will log you out after 10 minutes of inactivity. If you leave your device unattended, your passwords won't be exposed to unauthorized access.

Once you’ve entered your master password, all passwords stored in PfP are unlocked. Anybody sitting in front of your device at that moment can retrieve any or all of them. That’s perfectly fine of course as long as that anybody is you. But what if you left your device unattended? Do you always lock your device when leaving? And if not, what it your co-workers, friends or even children open up PfP while you aren’t there?

If that isn’t a scenario that worries you, feel free to head over to the PfP preferences (accessible via the list of extensions in all browsers) and increase auto-lock delay or even disable this feature altogether. Otherwise it’s probably better to leave the default preferences that will lock PfP automatically after 10 minutes of inactivity. The chances that both your device and PfP are unlocked at the same time will be rather slim then.