PfP: Pain-free Passwords 2.1.5

This is an intermediate release on the way to PfP: Pain-free Passwords 2.2. The user interface received a major overhaul but the visible changes are only few at this point. More coming soon!


  • Fixed: Keep password notes when converting legacy passwords, also keep notes by default when password revision is bumped or a stored password is replaced by a generated one (issue #100).
  • Removed PfP logo next to master password prompt, not helpful.
  • Many parts of the pop-up implemented as overlays now, which makes them more obvious. Also, there is a consistent way of closing them.
  • Switching to recovery codes no longer opens a separate page when adding a stored password.
  • More consistent and reliable recovery code input.
  • Better keyboard navigation in the password menu, UpArrow and DownArrow keys will work.
  • More consistent support for the Esc key (not working in Firefox due to, pressing Esc will dismiss current action, on the password list it will lock passwords.
  • No more modal prompts on the All Passwords page, user interface consistent with the pop-up here.
  • Better and more consistent presentation of unexpected errors, also possible to dismiss now.