PfP: Pain-free Passwords

Your new best way to manage passwords

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What's so painful about passwords?

When attempting to keep passwords in memory, most people will either use insecure passwords or overuse the "Forgot password" feature.
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Choosing a master password

Choosing a strong master password is essential to protect your data. Common passwords and dictionary words offer little protection.
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Generated or stored password?

Generated passwords aren't saved to disk but rather calculated whenever they are needed. What are the implications in practice?
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Keyboard navigation

PfP can be used efficiently with keyboard only. Use Ctrl+Shift+F to open the pop-up and navigate lists using arrow keys.
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Recovery strategies

What if your PfP data gets corrupted or you simply don't have access to your device? No reason to reset your passwords.
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Why enter the master password so often?

By default, PfP will lock your passwords after 10 minutes of inactivity. If you leave your device unattended, your passwords won't be exposed.
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Could my passwords be compromised?

PfP can prevent many attacks on your credentials and limit the damage of others.
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