PfP: Pain-free Passwords 2.2.0

This release drops backwards compatibility with EasyPasswords 1.x. Any legacy passwords will be converted to stored passwords, and unencrypted backups will no longer be imported.

Also, the user interface has been reorganized to make it more intuitive and convenient. There is a tab strip on the left side of the PfP pop-up, allowing to switch between different parts of the functionality. Ctrl+Up and Ctrl+Down shortcut keys are an alternative to using the mouse here.

Other changes

  • Default shortcut key is Ctrl+Shift+F now (can be adjusted via browser’s configuration interface), it will work both on Firefox and Chrome.
  • Improved autofill functionality on pages with user name input only, if the user name field has keyboard focus it will be filled out and submitted (issue #82).
  • Made “Fill in” button of the first password focused initially, so that pressing Enter will immediately fill in the password (issue #42).
  • Improved sync protocol to make it more resistant against tampering by the storage provider (issue #86).
  • Improved initial scaling of the pop-up in Firefox on Android (issue #94).
  • Added remoteStorage as sync backend (issue #87).
  • Displaying extension options in the pop-up as well now, to make them easier to discover.
  • Turned website name into a clickable link (issue #101).
  • Added “Copy user name” item to the password menu (issue #101).
  • Made it more obvious which icon in the password list the mouse cursor points to.
  • Improved keyboard navigation in the password menu (Home/End keys will work as well now), added similar keyboard navigation to sync storage provider selection.
  • Added keyboard navigation via arrow key to the password list, both horizontally and vertically.
  • Fixed: Import would always convert all generated passwords to stored if triggered when passwords are locked.
  • Fixed: Copying password to clipboard results in loss of keyboard focus.